Инстаграм профил на неделата во Македонија

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Friday.mk прдолжува со изборот на Инстаграм профил на неделата во Македонија. Instagram секој ден е побогат со нови профили, меѓу кои секогаш можеме да најдеме еден кој ќе нè инспирира во различни сегменти од нашиот живот. Еден од тие сегменти е и одржувањето во форма и здравиот начин на живот, па доколку не можете да се натерате себеси да започнете да вежбате, ние ви предложуваме да започнете да ја следите Ивана Атанасовска на Instagram, бидејќи сигурно ќе ви даде инспирација.

With the end of this year approaching, I can proudly say, for me it will be marked for the successful realization of two remarkably important professional projects, one of them being the collaboration with @parkhotelskopje and @fitnessandspaparkskopje I am happy to have had the opportunity to meet all these amazing people during my preparation for the project. Fitness preparations are way more demanding than many people think, there is a hell of a hard work behind the final product and the smile on the cover photo. It takes a lot of sacrifice, physically and mentally. It takes sacrificing time with family and friends, personal life and many other things, going all in on a daily basis, motivated or not. Sometimes all you want is just a short break and rest from everything. However, you have to remain fully focused on trainings and nutrition every single day. Could be a real everyday struggle and it surely requires a lot of patience and support. That's where my dearest people come in place, those who stood by my side from the very beginning and never left it way until the end, no matter how hard it got. Much love to all of you <3 And in the end, after all this, I can just say I loved the process. In fact, I loved the process so much more than the day seeing the outcome of the hard work it took me. I learned so much about myself with each prep and to me that's the best part about any of this. The weeks of hard work leading up to the shooting are what I lived for. The feeling like I can't go on anymore, and then realizing I CAN! The feeling of not having enough strength left in me to continue and then pushing myself outside my comfort zone and realizing I had more in me then I thought was possible. That's where I grow, that's where I learn. And all of it – I wouldn't trade a single second for the world! Now, happy to say a new challenge awaits me in 2018, steady heading towards another sport related project. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM! HARD WORK AND PATIENCE WILL TAKE YOU THERE! Special thanks to @amel_amed for this amazing shot!

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