Моден момент со кошулата кој зема замав во 2018

Напишано од Пјер

Кошулата важи за модно парче без кое не може да се замисли стилот на мажите. Епа во последно време, се почесто гледаме еден момент, кој ни го привлекол вниманието и решивме да го пренесеме на нашите читатели. Станува збор за моментот кошула под блуза, комбинација која зачести во последните години, но со еден момент кој е мала новост – кошулата е надвор од панталони/фармерки, односно се гледа под блузата. Кежуал момент кој слободно може да се користи и во слободни формални ситуации, доколку окружувањето го дозволува тоа.

Проверете на што мислиме, и пробајте доколку ви фаќа око –

I‘ve looked forward to making this Post since a few weeks now. You guys know the kind of guy I am and what my principles are towards my work on instagram: authenticity only. Neither will you ever see me wear a watch from a brand I don’t agree with, nor will I do any kind of grooming or beauty products since I‘m absolutely not a fan. To ensure 100% authenticity in my work on social media, I chose to approach brands actively for collaborations. Brands that align with my idea of dressing, brands who‘s story I want to tell. And by that, giving you a real benefit through the explanations and blogposts that I chose to do along those collabs. Long story short: GANT is one of them. We‘ve got various projects coming up, from tennis matches (showing the perfect outfit for such an event) to an environmental project which will be revealed soon. I‘m looking forward to showing you how versatile mens fashion is. @gant . Wearing: The Letterman Jacket #Gant #TeamGant

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The power of simple outfits. You don’t need to dress up to make an appearance. A simple outfit can be the greatest eye catcher if you keep 2 things in mind while creating it. First & one of the most important aspects about dressing: your skin type and the color of your hair plays a major role in the way you can and should dress. For example: you can’t go for earth tones if you have pale skin and light colored hair (since I got dark hair and quite a dark complexion for a German, I tend to use a lot of brown tones for outfits). Second: don’t go for more than 3 colors in a basic outfit. The more colors you take, the harder it is to make all of them work together. I went for light brown, beige & white. The classier the pieces, the better the effect. Let me know if this was of any help! ✌🏻 (📸 @senorkaya )

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I repeatedly mentioned in my captions that you also need the right attitude to your suit to give your whole look a proper & well balanced appearance. Well, I‘d take it a little further this time and say that with the right attitude, you can pull of nearly anything. This sweater for example. A casual piece that rather creates a cute impression than a mature one; nothing you‘d wear as serious attire for example. But that‘s exactly where the attitude comes in. The pieces you combine it with have to match, that‘s for sure. But if you look at the picture closely, it‘s that smirk and the look in my eyes that tell today‘s story: you can look, you can laugh. But you know this is a cool outfit. And we both know you want that sweater too. Attitude, guys. (📸 @senorkaya )

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