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Предлог Инстаграм профилче за фановите на добри зимски коктели Elliott Clark | Apt. Bartender

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Станува збор за Инстаграм профилот на Elliott Clark | Apt. Bartender 🥃: Semi-decent home bartender // Content guy 🏅: 2017 Saveur Mag Editors’ Choice Best Drinks Blog

Одличен избор на коктели, со добри објаснувања. Измислен како за месец Декември. З

Awesome opportunity to work with @kimpton last week at the @hotelborndenver. As a cocktail enthusiast and home bartender, I’m big on learning from people in the industry on what’s what, and new trends that I should take note of. @Kimpton just released their Culinary and Cocktail Trends Forecast for 2018 and it’s solid insight from some amazing chefs and bartenders through their entire company – such as pictured here: clarified mezcal milk punches, creative cocktail garnishes like house-made marshmallows and preparing drinks with Instagram in mind. Do yourself a favor and take a peek at the link in my bio to check it out 👆🏽 . #CCTrends #HotelBornDenver #Kimpton #CitizenRail #apartmentbartender #Sponsored

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